July 27, 2010

To whom it may concern:

Don Thais has been my general contractor since 1997 he built my first home from start to finish. In 2003 he built my second home from start to finish, also in 2005 he built a 3200 sqft garage, and in 2006 he built a 7000 sqft automotive center for me in Englewood, my homes were built in Jefferson county. Don has been good to deal with, he gives excellent advice on all phases of building. He’s very professional and an outstanding general contractor. If you have any further questions feel free to contact me at 303 941 0178.

Roy Coven

To Whom It May Concern,

West Coast Builders-Don Thais was the contractor on my commercial tenant finish at Macco Auto Body of approximately 8,000 sq ft.  His company came into my building and gutted it completely. He added new offices that consisted of framing, drywall tape & texture, interior trim and paint. They did all floor coverings, electrical outlets and switches and HVAC work. The restrooms were gutted and new electrical and plumbing was installed, consisting of toilets, sinks, interior trim. New grab bars were installed to comply with the handicap codes.  His company also installed new airlines and roll up garage doors. Don Thais was the supervisor on the project of installing new paint booths, ovens and the air filtration systems in the auto body area. He followed all building codes and worked with all inspectors to make sure everything was progressing properly.

If you need any further information please feel free to contact me.


Dear Don, 

In my wildest imagination I could never have envisioned how beautiful my patio would be when you completed your work on it, especially given the poor condition of the patio. The walls were rotted; the floors stained and in need of repair and a tree that dripped sap etc. all over.  In addition the corner of the concrete had sunk and the structure had pulled away from the house in two places.

I called you when I saw your name listed in a booklet recommending contractors. Upon meeting you I was very impressed with your sincerity, your "can do" attitude and genuine enthusiasm. Also I learned that you had done work for a neighbor and that they highly recommended you.

In addition to the repair work I also wanted a roof added to the patio. I felt very doubtful that the Home Owner Association would give their approval for the roof however you agreed to deal with the HOA.  You got the approval of the HOA and went to work. My one requirement was that the new patio and roof would not look like an "add on" and instead would look like it was built with the house. The result is nothing short of a miracle.  My neighbors who watched the work as it progressed were amazed at the results and the HOA highly approves.

I owe you a debt of thanks for your patient attitude in dealing with my multiple questions and for erasing my doubts and for "sticking to your guns" when you were right, all the while patiently explaining until I could "see" what you knew.

I would be remiss if I neglected to say what a pleasure it was working with the foreman on the job.  Jerry was professional and capable and very easy to work with. His myriad knowledge of all the work involved was astounding.  He is an asset to your company.

My only regret is that I did not get "before" photos.  However feel free to take pictures of the completed work if you desire.  I am proud to show my new patio.
Margie Chrissan 

January 10, 2005

To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing this letter of reference about, Don Thais dba West Coast Builders, Inc.  Don and his company have worked for me as a general contractor for the past 3 years doing commercial tenant finish.  He has handled all phases of construction from start to finish.  He does excellent and professional work and I would recommend his work to any company or individual.  If you would like to contact me the best number to reach me at is 303-534-3444.

Marc Blumstein

West Coast Builders, Don Thais.
Project: Covered Patio & Deck Build.  April 2014. 
Comments by Tomiko Takeda.

I was cautioned that when a builder quotes a completion-time, expect it to take much, much longer.  After witnessing several home improvement projects, I found this more often true than not. What a pleasant surprise with Don and West Coast Builders!  His quoted completion time was right on.  The best part is that the finished project is beautiful!! 

I attribute the success of the project to Don’s project experience and management style.  It began with a sales presentation that was casual not pressuring.  We had confidence in his quote of no unexpected surprises at the end!  Don visited our project several times to completion -- keeping my husband and me informed of our whats and whens. The quality of workmanship – foundation set up to finished paint and stain detail — was clean and solid.  Don was always available to answer questions and kept a mental checklist of any special request without repeated reminders!   Don's employees were courteous, respectful and worked with pride in their efforts.  It was a pleasure to see them assess their finished product with great satisfaction.  Thank you Don Thais!